Our first bird Credentials

Our first official flight failure

Is close to release. It will be scheduled on first.fail at any time. You're maybe already able to find it across our systems. We proposed most of the projects / concepts below for the root development and we have to ask for support to initiate dev and put the spacetimebirds to their flight test. This is not the official root interface for XERO development, not an official representative of dream.design (though we're all the same). We want to find a way for dreams to fly - from your world into this world. We'll start with flying and birds because the human soul has to be set free from limitations. All humans share the inability to fly with their body in physics. We want to help those without the ability to walk, smile, eat and dream. For this we want to learn how to fly for them. And we must enable them to fly and learn how we can do that.

We design, propose and develop (as well as party and research) the following flight routes:

  1. Spacetimebirds Race Neohybrids
  2. http://worldsavingworldcup.com
  3. http://futurama.news
  4. https://xD.lol
  5. https://zero.build
  6. https://masterplan.world
  7. http://culture.stream
  8. https://interlink.life
  9. http://literalinternet.com
  10. http://no1isa0.com
  11. https://dream.design
  12. https://Dream.Engineer
  13. https://multipulator.com @https://xeo.ceo
  14. xeo.agency
  15. newlife.uno
  16. Some of our wings may be broken. But none of our souls are at rest. We are the moving soul, the spirit of link.

Spacetimebird Spacetimebirds Bird.Repair